Foam Food Container Machine

PS foam food container machine is used to produce food containers, trays, bowls, cups, etc. if you are interested in disposable foam lunch box machine, contact us now.

Disposable foam food lunch box machine ( thermocal box machine|ps foam food container machine) designed by our company is all-powerful. The main way is vacuum forming as well as press forming and synthetical forming. It can be used for forming kinds of plastic sheets(learn about ps foam sheet making machine). This machine adopts PLC control, it has a group that possesses reliable stability, a large forming area, high production, and automatic degree.


foam box machine

PS foam food container machine can mainly form the PSP material products which are used to produce food containers, trays, bowls, cups, etc. Forming, cutting, and stacking is done in the same machine, saving labor, improving efficiency, lowing labor intensity, and reducing production cost. The production process is to put foam sheets into forming machines, and product and wastage will come out from the rear part.

ps foam food container machine parameter


Max.forming areamm1000*11001100*1380
Max.forming depthmm80100
Forming pressureT1515
Heating PowerKw108142
Total PowerKw168204
Total WeightT1516
Overall sizem12*2*2.815*3.6*2.58