degradable food container machine

How To Make Biodegadable Food Box Machine

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What are the raw material of biodegradable products?

the raw materials for the degradable food container machine can include a wide range of options such as PP (polypropylene), PS, PE, calcium carbonate, plant fiber, corn starch, bamboo powder, wood powder, husk, straw, and more.

raw material for making biodegradable products

How to make biodegradable food containers?

degradable food container machine

Degradable materials like PP, calcium carbonate, and corn starch undergo blending in a mixer. The blended materials are automatically fed into the hopper. Inside, a screw extrudes the materials under high temperature. The extruded sheets pass through a lunch box mold for initial shaping. Once shaped, the lunch boxes cool and take form. Post cooling, a hydraulic cutting machine automatically cuts, stacks, and packages the formed lunch boxes.

What products can biodegradable food container machine produce?

biodegradable food containers

the versatility of our equipment allows for seamless production of various items. By simply changing the mold, one machine line is capable of manufacturing a diverse range of products, including lunch boxes, burger boxes, food containers, market trays, plates, bowls, and more. This flexibility offers efficiency and adaptability to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

The market outlook for degradable food containers?

With the growing global awareness of environmental conservation and various countries imposing restrictions on single-use plastics, degradable products have surged in popularity, becoming high-demand items in the market. Based on our company’s order data, the degradable food container equipment is gradually emerging as one of our best-selling products. Considering current market trends in the food packaging industry, degradable equipment unquestionably represents a mainstream demand.

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