PS foam sheet machine

ps foam extrusion machine adopts double-screw foam sheet extrusion technology. PSP foam sheet is a kind of new-type packing material with the features of heat preservation, safety, sanitation, and good plasticity.

PS foam sheet machine mainly used to etrude ps foam rolls which can make various types of food containers made by foam food box machine, such as lunch box, dinner trays, bowls etc by thermal forming. It’s also can be used to make advertisement boards, industrial products packing, and so on. It has stable performance, big capacity, high automation, and yields quality products.

foam sheet machine

The Usage Of PS Foam Products

The uses of PS (Polystyrene) foam sheets are extensive, primarily employed in manufacturing various types of packaging and insulation materials. Here are some common applications:
1. Packaging Material: PS foam sheets are commonly used to produce various packaging products such as fast food boxes, take-out containers, vegetable and fruit trays, beverage cups, and food storage containers.
2. Insulation Material: Due to its excellent insulation properties, PS foam sheets are often used as insulation material in construction and electronic products, including insulation boards, heat-insulating boards, and electrical packaging.
3. Art and Craft: PS foam sheets are easy to cut, carve, and decorate, making them popular for art and craft projects, including model making, decorations, and DIY projects.
4. Protective Material: The lightweight and cushioning properties of PS foam sheets make them an ideal choice for protecting fragile items during transportation and packaging, including glassware, ceramics, and electronic products.

PS foam sheet usage

The Parameter Of PS Foam Sheet Extruder

Screw diametermmD75/90P105/120P120/130135/150180/200
Foam rate10-2010-2010-2010-2010-20
Width of productmm640-1040640-1200640-1200640-12001000-1350
Cutting methodSingle cutterSingle cutter/Double cutter
Thickness ofproductmm1.0-3.01.0-4.01.0-4.02.0-5.02.0-5.0
Cooling method风冷、水冷Cooled by wind and water
Total power(approx)kw140200220260400
Overall size(LxwXH)(approx)m22×4.0×2.825×4.1×2.826×4.2×328×4.2×3.228×5.2×3.2
Total weight(approx)T1013141623

Detail Description Of Machine


1.Gear Box And Motor

gear box and hopper

2.Loading Hopper And Talcum Powder Injection Unit

talcum powder

3.Butane Pump Unit

butane pump

4.Screen Changer

screen changer

5. Die Head

die head

6. Haul Off Unit

haul off

7.Winding Unit



8. Chiller


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