knotless net machine


the knotless machine can produce a variety of utility of plastic mesh products, suitable for all kinds of high pressure, low pressure, poly propylene ethylene raw materials such as extrusion, can also be used for fruits, garlic, flowers, industrial products, daily necessities and other products packaging industry.
This machine is suitable for plastic raw materials at a time into a continuous automatic production, can produce different materials, different specifications, a variety of utility of tube net, flat screen, can be used in high-grade electric air filtration, Marine aquaculture, wine packaging, mesh bag of fruit, vegetables and other products.

Main engine:
1.screw material: alloy steel nitriding and surface treatment
2.driving form: frequency converter
3.Auto temperature control: 6areas of Stainless steel heating rings 
 Rotary die head and mold:
1.Auto temperature control: 1area of SS heating ring
2.heating power:about 3.2kw
Fruit Packing Net Knotless Net Making M
Cooling and shaping system:
1.sizing method:sizing type
2.cooling method:water cooling
3.sizing width:according to customer requirement. 

Haul-off system and simple tensionsystem

1.hauling grade :second grade hauling type
2.driving type :speed converter 
3.hauling type: steel roller type
4.temperature control: electric heating water constant temperature control 
1.reeling position:double position
2.driving moment: 10N.M×2