PP Forming Machine

1.DYJB-110 Plastic Sheet Extruder

DYPC series single-layer plastic sheet extruder is suitable for producing the PP&HIPS sheet which could be used for manufacturing the plastic products and package purpose DYPC series single-layer plastic sheet extruder is composed of extrusion unit, calendar rolls,cooling conveyor, winder and control panel.

It is equipped with the best screw in China.famous oversea or China brand of electrical and pneumatic components and strong machine structure in order to maintain the best plastification quality, stable extrusion output, and sheet thickness during production.

PP Plastic Sheet Extruder Paremeter

pp sheet extrusion machine paremeter

2.Forming Machine

DYDB automatic thermoforming machine is suitable for producing the PP,PE PET and PVC cup,container,tray and lid.With the adoption of PLC&HMI controlling system and rea-sonable design on the machine,DYDB thermoforming machine easily ‘operable,laborsaving,less maintenance and high effcient.CMM thermoforming machine adopts the hydraulic system with pneumatic system.compared with the traditional mechanical cam system,its advantages are less working noise,stronger punching force,more stable forming quality and longer service life.


pp forming machine parameter