EPS Shape Molding Machine

EPS machine is usually divided into eps moulding machine (eps shape moulding machine) and eps block machine (eps block molding machine), eps shape molding machine can carry out heating, cooling, feeding and ingot stripping process to adapt to different EPS products, here is linked detailed videos of eps moulding machine and eps foam packing machine for your reference.

Eps shape molding machine introduction

1.It adopts Japan Mitsubishi Corporation PLC, imported touch screen, full English display,graphical interfaces intelligent control, achieve man-machine conversation.
2.It can carry out full automatic and semi-automatic.
3.Taiwan AIRTCA hydraulic system is stable run, low noise, high clamping force.
4.Vacuum system accelerates product shaping speed, shorts the cooling time, reduce  product water content.
5.Optimized design is clear and easy with high intensity and high performance-price  rate.
6.Perfect malfunction checkout system and motor protecting system which guarantees safe  running of equipment.

EPS shape molding machine showing:

eps shape machine
eps foam box products

Th eps foam products have various applications in agricultural and electronic parts packaging, such as fish box, ICF, insert, decoration parts, helmet, model, etc.

eps shape molding machine

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