epe foam extruder

pe foam film extrusion machine(pe foam film extruder) can make different foam sheet widths and thicknesses according to customer requirements. Meanwhile, it can also make foam pipes, foam net, foam rods, foam profiles,s and so on by changing the mold and machine parts.

The foam sheet has the features of dampproof, shockproof, soundproof, heat preservation, and good plasticity. After laminating, the foam sheet will get high dampproof performance. These products are mainly used for placing underfloor.

epe foam sheet extrusion machine advanced:

pe foam film extruder producing fine closed cell Polyethylene foam sheet, by our unique designed Screw and Barrel system, using Butane foaming agent, Talc powder or Talc masterbatch and Anti-shrinking agent (GMS for short-Surface Active Agent) by accumulated experience and advanced technology.

  1. PE foam and related products are made from PE resin and it is expanded and formed into shapes by being heated and extruded. And it is easy to be decompounded and environment friendly.
  2.  Its key function is cushion protecting and warmth reserving.
  3. Nowadays it is the most popularly used for modern batch production products, especially the export packaging industry, including electronic industry (such as PC computer, laptop, electronic chips, and parts, inverter, TV, air conditioner, refrigerator), furniture, glassware, garments, metal parts, etc.
  4. Whoever aims at modern packaging and export, has to use PE foam for the following reasons: Packaging with air bubble film, EPS, and plastic film is forbidden in many countries.  Paper packaging is so expensive.
  5. PE foam products have quite a few varieties: Sheets for direct wrapping and to make bags;  PE sheets may be coated with plastic film, craft paper