pe foam pipe machine

EPE foam pipe extruder can produce PE foam tube/pipe/rod/stick, which is a kind of new type foaming material and is widely used as the air conditioner tube sheath, pool noodle, toy guardrail, etc due to its good foaming, elasticity, and heat preservation character.

EPE foam pipe is a kind of new-type foam material and it is widely used in the jacket of air conditioners, pipelines, heat insulation, toy guardrail, recreation place, etc. Due to its high foam ratio, good elasticity, and heat preservation. As a kind of new type foam filling and ornament material. EPE foam rod is widely used in spring mattress, soft stem and edge, automobile seats, sofa backrests,s and top-grade clothing. It is also widely used in the filling of contracting joints in building due to its good rebound elasticity.

General characteristics:

  • Polyethene based products-inert material, highly resistant to chemicals 
  • Environmental friendly products
  • 100% recyclable
  • Flexible low weight material, easy to slip and install 
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • compatible with all sealing materials
  • Fine round closed-cell cellular structure assures: negligent absorption and water permeability
  • Excellent impact and compression resistance even for low thickness.


    • Steel Rack Structure
    • Automatic feeding device and feeder table CE standard
    • Talcum powder injection unitItaly technology)
    • Extruding unit
    • High-pressure metering pump
    • Anti- shrinking agent injection unit
    • Foaming die head unit
    • Cooling air tube
    • Haul-off unit
    • Cutting unit
    • Transmission unit
    • Electrical control system